A $250 - $1,000 scholarship

is available to graduating seniors from the following: Manteca, Ripon & Tracy Unified School Districts

Eligibility Requirements 

  • The scholarship is open to all Give Every Child A Chance (GECAC) volunteers (active within the past 4 years of high school) graduating this year. Volunteer service does not have to be served within the tutoring component of our program.
  • Must have contributed at least 100 hours of community service within the past four years of high school. (Not all hours must be served at Give Every Child A Chance). Letters of proof (on letterhead) are required from the organization(s) that you completed the community service.
  • No minimum grade point average is required.
  •  Only one scholarship entry per student.  Entries must be typed and signed.
  • All attached forms must be completed in order to qualify for the scholarship.   The deadline for applications is April 1st of each year.  If April 1st falls on a weekend, the due date is the following Monday.   No late applications will be accepted!

Return completed applications to:
Give Every Child A Chance
Attn: Samantha Worthington
322 Sun West Place, 
Manteca, CA 95337

2022 Application Due








Recipients are announced at each schools awards night

2021 Recipients

2019 Recipients

2020 Recipients

2018 Recipients

Get In Touch

Location: 322 Sun West Place, Manteca, CA 95337

Email: sworthington@gecac.net

Hours: M-F: 8am – 4:30pm

Please contact Samantha Worthington for any questions or to email an application

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Mashal Hashimi Delta Charter High School
Mushda Nawabi Lathrop High School
Simarleen Riyat Lathrop High School
Sebastian Manrique Lathrop High School
Sydnee Navarro Manteca High School
Aleena James Manteca High School
Kayson Neduvakkattu Manteca High School
Phuong Nguyen Sierra High School



2020 Scholarship Recipients

Alejandro Hernandez East Union High School
Channel Pien Lathrop High School
Julia Odom Lathrop High School
Luis Garcia Manteca High School
Hailee Midgley Manteca High School
Kiersten Melan Manteca High School
Kaitlyn Rausa Sierra High School
Samantha Milian-Prieto Sierra High School
Jasmein Kaur Ripon High School



2019 Scholarship Recipients

Brianna Capps East Union High School
Jessica Juarez East Union High School
Maria Soto Aguilar Lathrop High School
Hazel Vera Manteca High School
Stacy Le Manteca High School
Karina Berber Sierra High School
Ismael Monarrez Sierra High School
Chloe Kiser Ripon High School
Jarod Mate West High School


2018 Scholarship Recipients

Melissa Sifuentes Lathrop High School
Fernanda Almaguer Manteca High School
Madison Mills Sierra High School
Zachary Angel Ripon High School


2017 Scholarship Recipients


Emely Rodriguez East Union High School
Christian Rodriguez Ochoa Escalon High School
Roxana Morales Escalon High School
Farhat Khairzadah Lathrop High School
Lejla Pepic Manteca High School
Lesley Betancourt Manteca High School
Carina Martinez Manteca High School
Makayla Avila Ripon High School
Stephanie Monarrez Sierra High School
Deepa Singh Weston Ranch High School


2016 Scholarship Recipients


Alejandra Machuca Vega East Union High School
Nicholas Pearlman Kimball High School
Celeste Jiminez Lathrop High School
Edvin Pepic Manteca High School
Jennifer Cisneros Ripon High School
Selina Tesfandrias Sierra High School


2015 Scholarship Recipients

Ashley Mathew East Union High School
Namrta Gill Lathrop High School
Jorge Betancourt Manteca High School
Joshua Angel Ripon High School
Tyler Lewis Sierra High School
Kirsten Bas Tracy High School
Sabrina Sangha Weston Ranch High School


2014 Scholarship Recipients

Regina Dias East Union High School
Lara Ibrahim Kimball High School
Ryan Kirkpatrick Ripon High School
Stephana Charles-Pierre Sierra High School

2013 Scholarship Recipients


Nicole Silva Calla High School
Ana Ceja East Union High School
Makayla Marsequerra Lathrop High School
Paul Paulino Manteca High School
Dakari Finister Weston Ranch High School


2012 Scholarship Recipients

Blanca Aguirre East Union High School
Priscilla Fernandez Lathrop High School
Hilda Martinez-Mora Manteca High School
Victoria Watson Sierra High School
Jazelle Prado Weston Ranch High School

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Francisco Rodarte Calla High School
Cheyenne Jayne Escalon High School
Daniel Morado Lathrop High School
Trisha Patel Manteca High School

2010 Scholarship Recipients

 Gina Aguirre East Union High School
 Bhanupreet Gill Manteca High School
 Amanda Rosas Sierra High School



2009 Scholarship Recipients

Chelsea Cochran  East Union High School
Sonia Mehrok Manteca High School
Mahlynn Liotard  Sierra High School