Be the Best Teen Summit

Better Engaged Students Thrive
Supported by: Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, MUSD, Panda Express, Golden West Staff, and Volunteers & Staff

Cooking: As Seen On T.V.

Get Smart - Workout

Fit As A Firefighter

Be Safe & Alert - Martial Arts

Location and Date

Oscar Munguia, Christina Keefhaver, Sam Worthington, Shawndra Kuffel, Melissa Bugarin-Campos


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Previous Sessions

Extreme “Teen Room” Makeover Media & Leadership As NOT seen on TV – The REAL CSI Ultimate Shopper The Internet – The Good, The Bad, THE DANGEROUS Healthy vs. Unhealthy Teen Relationships – The Choice is Yours The Purpose Driven Teenager Dancin’ in the Biz Retro Pilates Cook Like an Olympic Champion Careers in Law Enforcement Operation Dizzy Keeping it Crafty Cyber Bullying – Don’t be a Victim Martial Arts – Be Safe & Alert College Financial Aid Tips A Soldiers Life Teen Job Faire Building Girls Self Esteem Touch of Understanding Zumba Multi Media / Graphic Design Yoga Employment Mentoring A Career in the World of Sports Gangs – The Ugly Truth Body Art – “Think before you INK” Fit as a Firefighter Who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE? Are YOU job ready? Relationships should not hurt Community Mural Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle Getting the most out of Technology Fast Food Flip Vaping & e-cigarettes (The Real Truth) Strong Mind-Strong Life Floral Design – Ag Related Get Smart – Workout! As Seen on T.V. – Cooking Shows


All Comments: Exactly how they said it-no edits. It was Great – Manteca High 9th grader I really liked this year’s teen summit – Widmer 7th grader Really fun, floral design should be agriculture – Sequoia 8th grader I really enjoyed the classes – Lathrop 8th grader It was great – Komure 8th grader Overall I enjoyed it, I wish we were able to get more than only 2 sessions and hopefully next year there will be more – Lathrop 8th grader It was a great/excellent experience to have. I would have liked more sessions – Lathrop 8th grader I love the teen summit and will most likely return next year – 10th grader Very Good – Manteca High 9th grader Overall it was great! I wish it was advertised more because if I knew about it earlier, I would have attended every year for sure! This was my first and last (sadly), but I loved every moment! – Manteca High 12th grader Was fun and sad it was over – New Haven 8th grader I wish we had more days like this, it was fun – Golden West 8th grader Fun, enjoyed having food and meeting friends – Golden West 8th grader This was nice, but if the sessions were shorter we could attend more of them, overall this is great –Great Valley 8th grader Fun & informative summit. I got more out of it than I thought I was going to – Weston Ranch 12th grader I enjoyed these classes – Veritas 8th grader It was very interesting and informative, I’m glad I came – Sierra High 11th grader It was good, maybe more choices – Sequoia 8th grader The fire fighter class was fun and it was interesting – Sequoia 8th grader Zumba was exciting, but Fit as a Fire Fighter needed to have us do more training – Veritas 8th grader Fire fighter session was cool – Sequoia 8th grader I am very thankful being here and have the choice to be here. It was very educational –Woodward 8th grader Very fun, but I think there should be more classes – Great Valley 8th grader It was a great experience. This was my first teen summit and overall was great! I would love to come back again. Also, a beautiful school – Lathrop 8th grader Liked the classes – Woodward 8th grader Really fun – Mossdale 8th grader Nice atmosphere, the people are very friendly, overall, a nice experience – Veritas 8th grader I really liked the motivational speech “The Hope Dealer” that we attended, it really resonated with me – Veritas 8th grader I went as an 8th grader, I really enjoyed it than and I did now – Sierra High 10th grader The guest speaker (Hope Dealer) was amazing, super motivational and had some great messages – Sierra High 10th grader I loved coming to this because it taught me so much more, and I got to meet new people-Veritas 8th grader I loved the first speaker and had fun with friends –Neil Hafley 7th grader My favorite was the Hope Dealer –Stella Brockman 8th grader I liked the Vaping-The Ugly Truth session and how it informs us about nicotine and make us more informed Lathrop High 10th grader Everything was excellent. It’s my first time and I would love to come back. The session Vaping was great and learned a lot –Manteca High 9th grader Wish there were more classes – Be.Tech 10th grader I wish there were more workshops to go to – 11th grader I like this place, it gives you a chance to collaborate with others and learn new things – Stella Brockman 8th grader Lessons were taught professionally and fun – Shasta 7th grader For the first time attending, I really enjoyed it and learned new things, I would like to come back –Joshua Cowell 8th grader

I had a really great experience at teen summit! I would love to attend again. I had lots of fun and learned so much – Joshua Cowell 8th grader I liked how informative it was. The sessions really helped me understand more –Veritas 8th grader Amazing – Sequoia 8th grader Everything was very informative, I learned a lot and more things than before –Weston Ranch 12th grader I loved the teen summit very much and hope I can go next year, Zumba was great –Great Valley 7th grader I absolutely loved Zumba – Lathrop High 11th grader Thank you for giving me this opportunity –Lathrop High 11th grader Not much learning, but lots of fun – Neil Hafley 7th grader Very fun, wish I could do more classes –New Haven 8th grader More details in class descriptions – New Haven 8th grader I though floral design was going to be more about flowers – Sequoia 8th graders It was fun and I want to do it again – Lathrop 8th grader The sessions were a bit long, but you learned from them – Great Valley 7th grader It was interesting – Joshua Cowell 7th grader Had fun, my favorite was the Hope Dealer – Stella Brockman 8th grader The summit was very informative and give you much to think about –Veritas 8th grader I liked has the classes were interactive – Stella Brockman 8th grader I enjoyed the teen summit very much. I learned many new things and cannot wait to use them in the future – Joshua Cowell 8th grader The summit was a fun experience, I learned a lot. I liked the staff –Joshua Cowell 8th grader A good activity – Mossdale 8th grader More programs – French Camp 8th grader Very interesting and fun, I would definitely come again – McParland 8th grader It’s Cool – Lincoln 7th grader

Celebrating our 14th Year!

Open to all MUSD students 7th-12th grade

Pre-registration is required

Registration forms are available in your school office

Time of Summit is 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Transportation provided by MUSD buses

Continental breakfast and complete lunch provided

The Summit is FREE, however it is limited to 300 students (first come-first serve)

2019 Recap

Each student attended the opening session where guest speaker, Jeremy Bates, inspired them to reach higher, go further & be better! The students chose 2 sessions out of 10 offered to attend. The sessions offered included: Zumba, AG Related, Quick Eats- Cheap, Be Safe & Alert – Martial Arts, Fit as a Firefighter, Vaping & E-Cigs – The Ugly Truth, Dress for Success, Strong Mind – Strong Life, Cooking -As Seen on T.V., and Get Smart – Workout. We do an anonymous survey after the sessions and 80 answered the sessions were excellent and 66 said they were informative. An 8th-grade student from Lathrop Elementary said, “Overall I enjoyed it, I wish we were able to get more than only 2 sessions and hopefully next year there will be more.” We enjoy putting on this event for the kids. Thank you to all the presenters and supporters who helped make this event successful!