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Why give to GECAC?

It's for the kids!  We do it for the kids. You can help us—you can help us build self-esteem and self-worth in our youth; make a difference that can change a life and give every child a chance;  expand our program to new communities; and assist our schools in educating the next generation of young people so they can become successful adults. 


Programs YOU can support:
You can give to one of our many programs or direct your gift as sponsorship to one of our local fund raisers.  Over 3,500 youth in grades K-12 participate annually in the following free programs:

  • TEACH: One on One mentor/tutoring is our original core program focused in various school subjects to assist students who are receiving one or more below average grades.

  • Homework Assistance Program: Offers a group setting for students who can work independently but need some assistance.

  • Reading to the 2nd Power: Conducted in a small group setting, the program increases comprehension and encourages reading.

  • After School Advantage Program: Conducted three hours after school offering students one hour each of homework assistance, enrichment activities and physical education.

  • STEM Education: Students learn how to engineer, build and program Lego Models using tablets and IPads, experiment with robotics and at select sites, build and launch rockets.  They are also introduced to 3D printing.

  • Summer Drop In Program: This is a summer only program in which students currently enrolled in GECAC programs can continue tutoring through the summer.  Work packets are provided.

  • Health Education: Staff delivers healthy messaging and provides activities such as, gardening, physical activity, taste and learn events, healthy snacks and a supper program that aligns with USDA guidelines.


How we use your gifts:
Your generosity allows us to provide quality programs to more children and expand services that changes children's lives. Every gift counts. Every gift is a treasure. Most of your gifts support programs that are critical to keeping GECAC a top-notch youth program:  We provide high-quality programs and activities for all kids, many coming from disadvantaged circumstances.


Every Gift Counts:
Your gift will make a difference—no matter how much you decide to give. Many small gifts make big things happen. Also a large gift timed just right can launch a host of urgently needed new programs and activities or sponsor an event.


Every Gift is a Treasure:
We see every gift as a treasure that we guard and carefully spend to further our mission. Under 18 percent of our expenses goes toward management and fund raising.   This means that 82 percent (or more) annually goes directly toward our programs and services for kids.

Baskin Robbins (Main & Jason Streets) celebrates grand opening with donation to TEACH Program

The Commons at Union Ranch Donation from Mother's Day Tea Raffle 2017