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2012 Teen Summit

What students had to say about the 2012 Teen Summit:

 I really enjoyed the teen summit, it was amazing – McParland School 8th grader

It helped me understand what people with disabilities go through-Weston Ranch 10th grader

Would like to attend more classes – Manteca High 10th grader

An exciting way to meet new people – Mossdale 7th grader

I has an awesome time and would like to come again – East Union High 9th grader

Super fun, the martial arts class was amazing – Weston Ranch High 12th grader

The classes were great, I mean awesome – Sequoia School 8th grader

I enjoyed it, I learned more than expected – Lincoln School 8th grader

I wish the classes were longer because they were very interesting – New Haven School 8th grader

Teen Summit ROCKED! – Anonymous

A Soldiers Life was very informative, it changed my view on serving my country – Mossdale 8th grader

Great information on bullying – Weston Ranch High 10th grader

Best time ever – Komure School – 8th grader

I was unsure if I would like it, but I loved it – Sierra High 9th grader

Excellent classes, I wanted to go to more – Manteca High 10th grader

I want to come every year – Golden West School

I enjoyed it a lot, I did not want it to end – August Knodt School  7th grader

Loved it, good experience, especially the opening session on bullying – Lathrop School 8th grader