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2011 Teen Summit

What students said about the 2011 Teen Summit:

"I had a wonderful time and hope I can come back next year" – Brock Elliott School 7th grader

"Fun and exciting" – Lathrop School 8th grader 

"All sessions were fun and informative, I hope to come again next year" – August Knodt 8th grader 

"I did not get all the sessions I wanted, but they were still good" – Widmer School 7th grader 

"It was a great experience and I would love to do it again next year" – Manteca High 11th grader 

"Classes were too short, passing period needs to be longer" – Shasta School 8th grader 

"Fun, learned a lot" – East Union High 9th grader 

"The teen summit was awesome!  I would love to come again" – August Knodt School 7th grader 

"Really well organized" – Veritas School 7th grader 

"A great experience.  All of the classes were very informative" – Manteca High 11th grader

"I wanted to go to more classes" – Nile Garden School 8th grader 

"Fun day, it would have been nice to have time to do more activities" – Neil Hafley School 8th grader 

"I enjoyed today and found that I learned a lot, thank you for the experience" – Brock Elliott 8th grader 

"I would really like to attend next year" – Golden West School 8th grader 

"I thought it was going to be boring, but I really liked it" – Lincoln School 7th grader 

"The directors were great, good information" – August Knodt School 8th grader 

"Start a little later in the day" – Anonymous 

"A great experience" – Stella Brockman School 8th grader 

"A very good program that taught me a lot of new things" – Brock Elliott School 8th grader 

"I loved it! It was a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone"-French Camp School 8th grader