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Reading Assistance Program (RAP)

For more information contact our Program Office at (209) 825-7003


Reading Assistance Program (RAP) is based on the sensory Orton-Gillingham method, which has been used successfully in reading remediation for over eighty years.  It is an integrated language arts program that systematically teaches reading, spelling, phonics, fluency, grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension.  It uses the four pathways: auditory, kinesthetic, visual and speech to provide multiple instructional practices which many struggling readers need to be successful.  Reading programs are conducted with small groups (6 or less) while allowing each child to work at their level and are held at the GECAC Education Center.

Give Every Child A Chance (GECAC) is a leader in providing after school mentor/programs throughout San Joaquin County.  GECAC  after school programs offer one-on-one mentor/tutoring to children struggling in school.  Over 3,000 students annually receive after school programs and mentor/tutoring through our various programs.  Literacy programs offered through GECAC focus on family reading time, library materials and support services, reading readiness activities, basic concepts about books, creating a print rich environment, book selection tips, what to expect from the child when reading with him/her, how to share a book with a family member, and other literacy-enhancing materials.  Students enjoy the program and have an opportunity to receive support while working on better comprehension skills.  On another level, focusing on comprehension and literacy, GECAC plays a key role in the counties annual Great Valley Book Fair, where thousands of people gather to meet and mingle with their favorite authors, discover new ones, or pick up a book they have been excited to read. These experiences all add to the growth and eventual success of those students participating in our programs.