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Steps to organizing a GECAC program in your community..

  1. Getting Started:  This usually begins with one or two individuals who initiate the idea and then interest others in the program.  The first step is to discuss your idea with other community representatives such as service clubs, businesses, local school district, educators, civic, social and fraternal organizations.  They in turn can involve leaders in other professions in your community.
  2. Organize a Steering Committee:  Once you have a group of committed individuals, conduct a meeting to discuss the idea of forming a GECAC program.  Invite the Director of Community Outreach from the Corporate Office located in Manteca, California.  The Corporate office number is (209) 823-6222 or by visiting the web at   Keep the gathering to a small group of those that are committed to the program.
  3. Determine the Need: The need for a GECAC program in your community may be quite apparent, however, if there is doubt in the minds of the committee or other key individuals, the representative from GECAC can assist with answering questions and/or conducting a survey of the academic performance of youth in your community.  The survey will determine how effectively the academic needs of young people are being met in the community.
  4. Approval of the GECAC Corporate Board:  Once the committee has decided to proceed with the establishment of a program, submit a request to GECAC for approval to move forward.  In order to use the GECAC name and logo this step is extremely important.  Requirements and Operational Standards and the Management / Operating Agreement will be needed to proceed to the next step.  After review and acceptance of these documents proceed to step #5.
  5. Develop A Constitution and Bylaws:  A constitution and bylaws for the organization should be reviewed/prepared by legal counsel.  The State of Incorporation or the GECAC Corporate Office can make available a suggested constitution and bylaws which may be adapted to your local needs.
  6. Organize a Board of Directors: Having adopted a constitution and bylaws, organize a board of directors of at least 10 responsible citizens, elect officers and establish board committees.  Consult with the GECAC representative regarding the selection of board members and the structure of a club board.
  7. Incorporate: As soon as the need for a GECAC program has been established and the committee has agreed that a program should be started, the GECAC organization should be incorporated.  The organization will then become a legal entity.  If needed, a competent lawyer can advise as to the proper and legal procedure for incorporation and the procedure for securing tax-exempt status for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
  8. Develop a working relationship with the local school district: Schedule a meeting with school district administration and explain in detail how the program is structured.  Be sure to highlight what the program offers and the positive impact it will have on struggling students.  If you need assistance, contact your GECAC representative. 
  9. Determine Area and Secure Space at a Facility:  At this point, you will need to determine where the first tutor/mentor site and the office will be located.  Consult with the GECAC representative for more information about the location and kind of space that would be satisfactory.
  10. Determine Cost:  After you have the site location, determine the cost of supplies needed, equipment, hours of operation, upgrades, etc.  Once this is complete, you’ll be ready to develop a one year funding plan complete with income and expenditures.  Your GECAC representative will assist you with these determinations and plans.
  11. Raise the Funds: You are now ready to raise funds to establish your GECAC program.  The most common method of raising start-up funds is through a community-wide campaign using personal and face to face contacts.  Your GECAC representative will assist and make suggestions about the most effective way to conduct the campaign.
  12. Media Campaign:  Organize a media campaign with the benefits this type of program can provide in your community.  Get quotes from community leaders, educators and elected officials.  Use all types of media available in your area. 
  13. Employ Staff:  With fundraising complete, you are now ready to hire your Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Establish a complete job description with salary range, compile a list of qualified professional people and conduct the interview process.  Your GECAC representative can assist in this process.  With your CEO in place you are now ready to serve the young people of your community.

For more information contact:
Chuck Crutchfield
Director of Community Outreach
Give Every Child A Chance
(209) 823-6532