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After School Advantage Program (ASAP)

For more information call the Program Office at (209) 825-7003

Program Statements


The purpose of the ASAP Program is to provide a safe, structured, educational and fun after school program to students in elementary school. ASAP is open to any student attending the school where the program is conducted. Give Every Child A Chance received a state grant that requires us to offer three components: Homework Academic Support; Enrichment Activities and Recreation/Physical Education. Program components can vary in length depending upon the site.


Academic Support

*Academic Support is designed to assist the student with their daily homework assignments. Staff encourages students to be as independent as possible and responsible for getting their work done. Students work in a group setting with staff (in some cases volunteers) offering guidance when requested. Staff will assist students with problems when the student raises their hand silently.


*ASAP does not guarantee that all homework will be completed. We welcome discussions between the parents and students about remaining in the academic support component for a longer period of time. The decision to extend their academic session is ultimately the student’s choice. Staff is unable to mandate or force a student to extend his or her stay in the academic component. It is the student’s responsibility, with the assistance of ASAP and parental participation, to complete their homework assignments. Students will be asked each day if they have homework, staff is not allowed to look in backpacks or personal belongings.

*Alternative options, to work independently, will be provided to students who have completed their homework, or for those with no homework. Due to staff/student ratios, we are not able to check each assignment upon completion, if the student has continuous problems understanding how to complete their homework assignments; a parent/teacher meeting should be scheduled.


*Basic homework supplies will be provided; students must provide supplies for special assignments. With the classroom teacher’s leadership, the assistance of ASAP and the participation of parents, the ultimate goal is to see student academic improvement. If a student is in severe need to increase academic performance, they may want to apply for our one-on-one tutoring program.


Enrichment Activities

The goal of the enrichment component is for ASAP staff to provide a variety of fun learning opportunities for students. Activities may include: arts & crafts, games, field trips, holiday projects, guest speakers/instructors, drama productions, movies, gardening, healthy taste and learns, etc. These activities also present opportunities for parents to be involved with the program by sharing their specialties with groups of students.


Recreation / Physical Education

Recreation and physical activity is an important part of ASAP. Activities will provide a change of pace for the students participating in ASAP. Physical activity generates energy for a child’s body and brain and thus creating more effective learning. Activities can include: basketball, low-organized games, free play, clinics, tournaments, exercises, etc. Appropriate warm-up activities will precede any physical activity and proper attention will be given to health and safety.


ASAP is not designed to, and will never replace the role of the teacher or parents. Our job is to assist, support, and provide an alternative for children and their families during the critical period directly after school.


Program Office / 322 Sun West Pl.. / Manteca, CA 95337 / (209) 825-7003