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After School Hours GECAC Provide Help Our Students Keep Up and even Excel!

Oscar Munguia Jr.
After School Program Director

Evidence is mounting that where and how youth spend their time outside of normal school hours has important implications for their development. Students attending after school programs are positively influenced every single day. Whether it’s the way students view school, their grades, their school attendance, or their social skills, after school programs do make a difference. The Give Every Child A Chance (GECAC) After School Advantage Program (ASAP) is designed to provide a safe, structured, educational, and fun after school environment to students that attend on a daily basis.
The GECAC ASAP likes to pride itself on being more than “After School Care” by providing our students with an enriching environment where they can learn, thrive, and expand their horizons. This environment is fostered by providing three main components that all students must participate in a daily basis.

  • The homework component is designed to assist the student with their daily homework assignments. Staff encourages students to be as independent and responsible as possible for getting their work done. Students work in a group setting with staff (in some cases volunteers) offering guidance when requested. Staff will assist students with problems when the student raises their hand quietly. (The Homework Assistance program is not part of the GECAC One-on-One mentor-tutor program. Students receive assistance in a group setting.) ASAP staffs works hand in hand with all the school day teachers and communicate back and forth if students are having a difficult time completing their homework.
  • The recreation and physical activity component is an important part of our programing.  Activities provide a change of pace for the students participating. Physical activity generates energy for a child’s body and brain, thus creating more effective learning. Activities include: organized games, clinics, tournaments, exercises, etc.  All recreation and physical education activities are aligned with the California State Standards. Appropriate warm-up activities will precede any physical activity and proper attention will be given to health and safety.
  • The Enrichment component includes: educational project based learning that follow the districts pacing calendar, learning games, service learning, holiday projects, health education,  technology usage, guest speakers/instructors, science projects, art lessons, drama productions, etc. The Enrichment component is designed to expose students to experiences or projects they generally would never be exposed to and to expand their learning from the regular school day. All Enrichment projects are aligned with Common Core Standards.

The GECAC ASAP has proven to effectively support our students on a variety of fronts, including: boosting students’ academic achievement and self‐esteem, fostering healthy lifestyles, and helping young people find and develop their passions. As the community and parents become more concerned about today’s students falling behind academically or socially they are realizing that the extra hours after school GECAC provides can be used to help our students keep up and even excel. If you would like to participate in any of the ASAP endeavors please contact the GECAC Program Office at (209) 825‐7003.

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